Hahahah, I just couldnt stay away :(
I’ve added all of my followings at my new page, and I’m excited to start over again with you guys. Keep spreading love


A friend of mine tried to fix my computer today, and while doing that he reset everything on it. Bookmarks, auto log in, blablabla - everything. And since I can’t recall my tumblr password or the password to the mail I used to log in here, I have no other choice than to replace this page with a new one. (im using my old, “ruined” computer with auto log in to write this btw. not that crazy\dumb lol) 

Right now I’m grieving over the loss of my good, ol’ friend www.bergtatt.tumblr.com so I wont start fresh right away, hahah :(
But hopefully my new page will be up and running before this week waves us goodbye.
Hope to see you all at my new platform! This has been a good run

..and yeah, i really am THAT addicted to this friggin page!